Johnnyz's Compositions ^^

Well, I compose too, but I don't think I'm good at this O_o see for yourselves =P

Important Battle (2:29)

This one was the first composition that I decided to show to someone... it's a boss-ish tune, that looks like you have to defeat the boss within a time limit.

Forest of the aMAZEd (3:22)

A very atmospheric music, to give the feeling of a snowy forest, very labyrinthic.

Death of a Character (1:13)

It's supposed to be played when a non important RPG character dies. It turned to be kinda scary, though...

Sadness (4:01)

This is a desert theme. I almost called this music "Sandness" ^^

By Now (2:37)

This is my first composition ever... =P can't really say what this music looks like... but this is probably about me... repetitive, calm, someway weird =P I think I'll improve this composition later...

Stage 4 (1:30)

This is Master System-ish... very Master System-ish! even the instruments are Master System-ish... I just put a bass to make it sound different... =P

Just a Battle (2:46)

A battle theme, no doubts... =P as I'm a novice, I can't say what's wrong here... maybe the melody is too weak... maybe there isn't a melody... O_o

A Sad Ending (1:25)

This is supposed to be sad... and... someone please tell me if the melody isn't original... O_o

By Now 2 (2:44)

This composition (remix??) looks a lot like By Now... =P

Misfortune Theme (4:05)

This is the theme for a RPG I'm doing on RPGMaker 2000... I think it's not repetitive =P

Electronicly Locked (2:13)

Well, nothing to say, except the usual... I don't know what went wrong... =P

Night in the Lake (3:33)

This is a remix from Forest of the aMAZEd, but I think there is something wrong on the melody O_o I tried to make it sound a little more of a Lake theme instead of Forest... maybe it's still labyrinthic and I should start exploring this labyrinth style =P

By Now 3 (1:26)

Piano reduced version of By Now... =P

Final Boss Theme

Not yet, but I'm trying to do a final boss composition, maybe it will be ready still this year =P (2005, oh god, it's been that long?)

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