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Here I put my Mega Drive MIDI sequences! There are plenty, huh.. but it isn't as great as I want it... planning to do more. If you want me to do some Mega Drive midis, send me your request by email ^__^ I don't know that much Mega Drive games, but I'll see what I can do! If you have the VGZ version of the music, maybe from Project2612, you can point me the musics you want, it will be even simplier ^^
(musics marked with * are tracks from another game)

Composer: Tommy Tallarico / Alan Menken

Level 1 "Prince Ali"
Friend Like Me

Altered Beast
Composer: K. "Nav" Nagai

Round 1 "Rise from your Grave"
"Altered Beast"
Boss "Gaum-Hermer"
Story "Crystal's Theme"
Round 2 & 4 "Closed in Upon Me"
Round 3 & 5 "I'll be Back"
Game Over

Art of Fighting (Ryuuko no Ken)
Composer: Masahiro Hataya / Toshio Shimizu / Yasumasa Yamada

Mr. Big

Composer: Naoki Kodaka

Gotham City Streets
Axis Chemical Factory
Flugelheim Museum
Game Over

Battle Mania Daiginjou
Composer: Yasuyuki Hamada / Masuko Shigenori / Yoko Suzuki / Fumito Tamayama

Intro "Open Mind"
Title Screen "Burning Heart"
Story & Boss "Mighty Gals 2"
Select Weapon "Pick Me Up, Boy!"
Mission 1 "Twilight Express"
Boss 1 "Approaching"
Victory "Great Job!"
Story "Curry and Rice"
Mission 2 "Blue Sky Laundry"
Boss 2 "Creeping Thing"
Boss 3 "Typhoone Vol.1"
Boss 3 "Typhoone Vol.2"
Boss 3 "Typhoone Vol.3"
Story 2 "Navigators"
Mission 3 "Shrine"
"Seven Eleven"
Boss 4 "Dancing Hunter"
Mission 4 "My Kingdom"
Boss 5 "On The Air"
Mission 5 "Private Eye"
"Ha Na Mi Chi"
Mission 6 "Iron Casanova"
Boss 6 "Lunatic Monkey"
Select Weapon 2 "Hachimaki Please"
Mission 7 "Brawing Up"
Boss 7 "Kikokusai"
Mission 8 "Smoking Head"
Epilogue "Tell Me Why"
Final Boss "Ma Ha Ra Ja"
Credits "Sun Rise Purple"
Game Over "All Over Tonight"
Continue "Deposit Coins"

Composer: David Wise

Turbo Tunnel (Bike)
Surf City

Chuck Rock
Composer: Matt Furniss / Shaun Hollingworth

Title Screen
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Composer: Tokuhiko Uwabo

"Clotho" (Critical)
"Lathesis" (Critical)
"Atropos" (Critical)
"Clotho" (Relief)
"Lathesis" (Relief)
"Atropos" (Relief)
Select Options "Filthy"
Game Start "Quagmire"
Name Entry "Boy Wonder"
Game Over "Conciliation"

Columns 3 - Revenge of Columns
Composer: Morihiko Akiyama / Tokuhiko Uwabo

Drums "Morning"
Title Screen "Columns March"
Demo "Sunday"
Menu "Chicken of Three Feathers"
Versus 1 Intro "Wild Shellfish"
Versus 1 "First Year of Genroku"
Versus 2 Intro "Introductory Theme"
Versus 2 "Chinese Bicycle"
Versus 3 Intro "Clotho's Origin"
Versus 3 "Pemo Pemo Clotho"
Versus 4 Intro "Unfinished Roll"
Versus 4 "Networked Melon"
Versus 5 Intro "The Opening Bell"
Versus 5 "Industrial District"
Pyramid "Enigma"
Game Start "Mummy's Awakening"
In Game "Explorer"
Victory "Yes, Yes!"
Stage Clear "Victory!"
Final Boss "Scene of Carnage"
Ending (Normal) "The End"
Credits (Normal) "Everyone in the Harbor"
Ending (Hard) "Yes, Yes, Yes!"
Credits (Hard) "Column Dive"
Game Over "Ashimai"
BGM 07 "Yuki Gassen" (unused)
BGM 12 "Grimoar Expert" (unused)
BGM 13 "Snowman" (unused)
BGM 1A "Pokasuka Beginning" (unused)

Composer: Fumito Tamayama

Stage 1-1
Stage 1-2
Final Boss
Game Over

Devil Hunter Yohko (Mamono Hunter Yohko)
Composer: Keiichi Yamamoto

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene Clear
Game Over

Earthworm Jim
Composer: Mark Steven Miller / Tommy Tallarico


Eternal Champions
Composer: Joe Delia / John Hart / Jeff Marsh / Adrian Van Velssen



"Sorcerer's Apprentice (part 2)"

Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu)
Composer: Kazuyuki Oikawa / Koujiro Mikusa / KONNY / Youko Osaka / Toshikazu Tanaka


Fire Shark (Tora! Tora! Tora!)
Composer: Masahiro Yuge

Stage 1 & 6 "Coin - Fire Shark"
Stage 2 & 7 "Give Me Your Heart"
Stage 3 & 8 "Vice in Tokyo"
Stage 4 & 9 "Sadness in Your Eyes"
Stage 5 & 10 "From the Sun to Me"
Stage Clear "In the Blue Sky"
Ending "Long Happiness"
Name Entry "Honokana Kitai to Kagirinai Doryoku"
Game Over "Gleam"
Continue "Last Chance"

Composer: Tatsuya Uemura / Masahiro Yuge

Beginning "Ready to Go ~ Captain Lancer"
Stage 1 "Captain Lancer"
Stage 2 "Egypt"
Stage 3 "Jumping Roll"
Stage 4 "Mystic Green"
Stage 5 "In Side Drive"
Stage 6 "Last Dance"
Ending "Requiem"
"Game is Over"
Continue "Get a Chance"

Composer: Brad Fuller

In Game

Composer: Hirohiko Takayama / Tsukamoto

Sunsoft Special

Lost Vikings
Composer: Matt Furniss


Mickey Mania
Composer: Andy Blythe / Marten Joustra / Matt Furniss / Michael Giacchino

The Wharf
Castle of Horror
Hallway of Horror
Gurnsey Ride
Moose Hunters
Giant's Buffet

Monster World IV
Composer: Shin'ichi Sakamoto / Jin Watanabe

Title Screen "Overture"
Prologue "Tales from Monster World"
Intro "Spirits"
Start "Premonition"
Rapadagna Town "Main Theme"
Door Opened
Mute Tower "Try the Trial"
Boss "Kool Dude"
Victory "Conquers the Dungeon"
Genie "Lamp De Godjarre"
Rapadagna Castle "Kingdom of Rapadagna"
"Birth of Pepelogoo"
The Four Portals "Cathedral"
Terran Gateway "Over the Clouds"
Handera Volcano "Volcanic Cave"
Sub-Boss "Head Banger"
Lunar Gateway "Long Distance"
"Stream Sanctuary"
Ice Pyramid "Heart of Icegrave"
Evil "Fade into Darkside"
"Death of Pepelogoo"
Aegis Island "Labyrinth on the Sky"
"A Cradle Song of Pepelogoo"
Subterrania "Arabesque Court in Dream"
Final Boss Theme "Carpet"
Final Boss "Malevolent Deity"
Ending "Finale Part 1"
Ending "Finale Part 2"
Ending "Finale Part 3"
Game Over "Ascension into Heaven"
Revive "Rebirth"

Mystic Defender (Kujakuou 2)
Composer: Tarnya

Scene Start
Scene 1 (Round 1)
Scene 4 (Round 2)
Scene 2 (Round 3 and 6)
Scene 3 (Round 4 and 5)
Scene 6 (Round 7)
Scene Boss
Scene Clear
Scene 5 (Round 8, Final Boss)
Game Over

Phantasy Star II
Composer: Tokuhiko Uwabo

Intro "Phantasy"
Mota Overworld "Restration"
Mota Town "Pleasure"
Shop "Step Up"
Shop 2 "Bracky News"
"My Home"
Story "a Prologue"
Battle "Rise or Fall"
Victory "Movement"
Underwater "Secret Ways"
Opening Dams "Mystery"
Boss "Death Place"
Dezo Overworld "Silent Zone"
Dezo Town "Excite Town"
Searching for Weapons "Violation"
Lutz "Power"
Noah "Under"
Ending "Exclaim"
Credits "Never Dream"

Ranger-X (Ex-Ranza)
Composer: Yoshinobu Hiraiwa / Noriyuki Iwadare

Mission Objective
Stage 1 (Desert)
Stage 1 Boss (Temple)
Boss Theme
Objective Clear
Stage 2 (Cave)
Stage 2 Boss (Military Complex)
Stage 3 (Jungle)
Stage 3 Boss (River)
Stage 4 (Tower)
Stage 4 Boss (Battleship)
Stage 5 (City at Night)
Stage 5 Boss (Access Tube)
Stage 6 (Factory)
Stage 6 Boss
Stage 7 (Command Center)
Final Boss (Biotech Monster)
Game Over
BGM 9 (Easy Stage)
BGM 6 (Stage 4 beta)
BGM 14 (unused)
Objective Clear (beta)

Composer: Tomoko Sasaki

Battle Entry "Concentration"
Battle Theme "Crazy Kings"
Theme of Kaiser "Greedy Game"
Area Clear "Go Ahead"
Round Clear1 "Lets Go!!"
Game Over

Shining Force
Composer: Masahiko Yoshimura

Title Screen
Simone "Eternal Sunbeam"
Town "Cheerful Street Corner"
Castle "Solemn Guardiana"
"Item Get!!"
Join "Companion"
"Headquarter's Theme"
Cave Battle "Power to Me"
Attack "Swords! Attack the Enemy!"
Overworld Battle "Shining Force"
Town Destroyed "Grief-stricken Guardiana"
Death of a Friend "Time to Put Out the Light"
Sad Join "Overcoming Sadness"
Circus Battle "A Worthy Rival"
Chapter End "After the War..."
Promotion "Changing Jobs"
Ruins Battle "Holy War"
Sailing the Ship "Raise the Flag High"
Ship Battle "The Battle Becomes Fierce"
Ancient Castle "Severe Earthquake"
Dark Sol Battle "Demon's Breath"
Dark Dragon "Armageddon"
Credits "Traveler From Long Time Ago"
Epilogue "Journey Far into the Sky"
"Dreadful Curse"
Max Defeated "Despair"
Cure, Raise "Resurrection of the Spirit"
Discontinue "And Then..."

Shining Force 2
Composer: Motoaki Takenouchi

Prologue "He Who Squirms to the Darkness"
Title Screen "Shining Force 2"
"The Witch of the Mystery Forest"
Town "A Peaceful Moment"
Item "A Treasure Chest"
Join "Someone joined your party"
Castle "The Lineage of the Ground Seal"
Darkness Battle "The Entrance to the Devil World"
Hero Attack "The Youngsters from Granseal"
Enemy Attack "Dark Forces"
Overworld "The Legend of the Light"
Sad 1 "A Hole in My Heart"
Sad Join "Sad Someone joined your party"
Boss Attack "The Footsteps of Destruction"
Headquarters "The Caravan Moves"
Mountain Battle "A Call to a Far Away Adventure"
Shrine "A Message From the Ancients"
Elven Town "The Fairy Forest"
Promotion "Class Change"
Promoted Hero Attack "Fight! With the Ancient Light by your Side!"
Mitula's Shrine
Sad 2 "Reminisence"
Dwarf Town "Dwarf Dwarf Dwarf"
Final Battle "The Devil King has Appeared"
Zeon Attack "The Roar of the Devil King"
After the End "Dreaming Elis"
Credits "The Chosen Hero"
Epilogue "The Warriors' Dusk"
"Damn, Cursed!"
Cure "Heal the poi~son"
Death "A Trying Time"
"Revival" ~long version~
Discontinue "The World of the Mystery Forest is Spoiling"

Sonic & Knuckles
Composer: Jun Senoue / Tetsuyuki Maeda / Masaru Setsumaru / Tomonori Sawada / Masayuki Nagao / Sachio Ogawa / Howard Drossin

Title Screen
Extra Life

Sonic Spinball
Composer: Howard Drossin

The Machine

Sonic the Hedgehog
Composer: Masato Nakamura

Title Screen
Extra Life

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Composer: Masato Nakamura / Izuho Takeuchi

Title Screen
Extra Life

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Composer: Jun Senoue / Tetsuyuki Maeda / Masaru Setsumaru / Tomonori Sawada / Masayuki Nagao / Sachio Ogawa / Howard Drossin

Title Screen
Extra Life

Spot Goes to Hollywood
Composer: Tommy Tallarico

Ship Hold

Composer: Steve Collett / Andy Brock

In the Caves

Steel Empire
Composer: Isao Mizoguchi / Yoshiaki Kubotera / Noriyuki Iwadare

Stage 5-2

Street Fighter 2 Special Champion's Edition
Composer: Alph Lyra

M.Bison (US Balrog)

Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle)
Composer: Yuzo Koshiro

"Game Over"

Streets of Rage 2 (Bare Knuckle 2)
Composer: Motohiro Kawashima / Yuzo Koshiro

Stage 3-1 "Dreamer"
Intro & Stage 8-1 "SOR Super Mix"
"Game Over" *

Streets of Rage 3 (Bare Knuckle 3)
Composer: Motohiro Kawashima / Yuzo Koshiro

Player Select "Spinning Machine"
Stage 1-1 & Shiva "Fuze"
Stage 1-2 "Cycle I"
Stage 1-3 & 7-1 "The Poets II"
Stage 2-1 & 5-3 "Dub Slash"
Stage 2-2 "Dance Club"
Stage 2-3 & 3-3 "Boss"
Stage 3-1 "Percussion"
Stage 3-2 "Bulldozer"
Stage 3-3 "Random Cross"
Stage 4-1 "Happy Paradise"
Stage 4-2 "Tunnelway"
Stage 4-3 "Shinobi Reverse"
Intro & Stage 5-1 "Beat Ambience"
Stage 5-2 "Moon"
Mr. X Story "Fateful Meeting"
Stage 5-4 "Mr. X!"
Stage 6-2 "Crazy Train"
Stage 7-2 "Cycle II"
Stage 7-3 "Inga Rasen"
Stage Clear "Round Clear"
"Good Ending"
Alternate Stage 7 "The Poets I"
"Bad Ending"
"Game Over" *
Ash "Kama de Coco"

Super Street Fighter 2
Composer: Alph Lyra

Dee Jay

Super Volleyball

In Game

Tiny Toons: Buster's Hidden Treasure
Composer: Shinji Tasaka / Tsuyoshi Sekito / Hideto Inoue

Fire Cave
Haunted Ship

Toki - Going Ape Spit (Juju Densetsu)
Composer: Hirofumi Murasaki / Morihiko Akiyama / Masayuki Nagao


Trouble Shooter (Battle Mania)
Composer: Raika Papa

Intro "Mighty Gals"
Title Screen
Story 1
Select Weapon
Central Line Shopping Plaza
Boss 1
Nice Shooting!
Prepare For More Trouble!
Underground Hideout
Boss 2
Story 2
Outside Colossus
Inside Colossus
Boss 3
The Escape
Boss 4
Final Boss Part 1
Final Boss Part 2
Excellent! You're a Winner!
Staff Roll
Game Over

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
Composer: Shin'ichi Sakamoto

Shooter Stage / Flying
Stage Clear
The Jungle
The Cave
Flower Garden
The Ice World
Big House
Dragon's Castle "Remember Me"
Name Entry
Game Over

Wonderboy in Monster World
Composer: Shin'ichi Sakamoto

Title Screen "Prince"
Welcome to Monster World "Monsterland Returns"
Purapril, the Aqua Capital "Theme of Purapril"
Shore "Fun to Swim"
Alsedo, the Fairy Village "No Answer"
Queen Eleanora "Princess of World"
Cave "Too Long Adventure"
Ocarina Found
Ocarina Melody 1
Ocarina Melody 2
Ocarina Melody 3
Boss "Revenge Boss"
Victory "Boss Dead"
Peaceful Village "Village of 'YOUSEI' for Justice"
Tunnel "Into Cave"
Forest "South River"
Cliff "Dry Dry & Dry"
Boss 2 "Touch & Go"
Underwater "White & Blue"
Maugham Desert "Sand & Sun"
Pyramid "Under Pyramid"
Begonia "Dragon's Lair"
Vs. Dragon "Flash"
Sky "Village of 'YOUSEI' for Dark"
Sky Castle "Lair Lair Lair?"
Outer Space "Remember Me"
Ending "To Be Continued"
Sleeping "Inn"
Game Over "Defeat"

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