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26/mar/2017 - Well, let me see, ... it's been a while =P don't have much to say, strangely, my life is being hard to have free time, and so much happened these last years, I got a better job, didn't get a new computer, been working on improving my laptop a little, managed to finally buy a good headphone, that doesn't rip inside the wires, and that my cat doesn't eat these wires, .. couldn't do much about the site for a good while, for now I won't be updating much around here, my goals in life are not exactly changed, but, they need more time than some years before @_@ I still write using text emoticons, .. XD and I played Pokemon GO a lot these last months, no one should mess with my gyms, okay =P I have an accound on RetroAchievements too, but for now I'm not playing much there, will be back someday,.. and there was this tournament, Stella Club Atari (which is Atar 2600, of course) and I was champion of the 2016 edition ^.^ been finding "new" Atari music, and sometimes I think I could be doing more MIDIs, but my life is a mess currently, and sequencing is a kinda lonely activity x.x this having friends thing changes people @.@ I did finally cut out the tagboard, which was redirecting this page, and now people can read it and access the MIDIs, they're all the same, but to me they're nostalgic, and I listen to them from time to time ^^ well, see ya, dunno if I'll be back to sequencing in the future, but one thing is for sure: I never stay down and slacking off, something I must be doing .. XD

23/jan/2012 - Bad year start.. some SOPA and PIPA projects are being created and voted to destroy all internet freedom and shared knowledge and create a new virtual evil empire... and really, my site would be put offline because it's hosted on .. which means it's shared knowledge too, ... and I still don't have a new computer or any ways to sequence new midis @__@ ... my archive here, with more than 2650 midis probably means about 24MB of space used, .. I'll try to use it as host to my Master System and Mega Drive videos too. =P don't think it's that much more space used, will see how things turn out.. xP well, I really hope internet stays free for knowledge and there are enough defenders of the cause to take down a virtual evil empire, just in case it rises >_> for now the new files will be secretly hosted here, but they will most probably gain a section in the future o_o

07/dec/2011 - Nothing, really. This wasn't my year. .. for midis, .. if people know I'm Jungon, I could manage to do a TAS (if people know about TASes around here) ... but my sequencing program has cracked, .. no midi input/output files on one computer, and the old one had a serious problem with sound speakers x_x ... I got a job, so that means I have 6 hours less every day for myself.. @__@ and the site is getting 9 years old, today! +DDD anyway.. I feel like I'm winning the battles and beauty contests of life currently, so maybe I'll have my own way of buying a new computer, especially for sequencing (and gaming in general, probably) =P ... but for now, I'm completely uncapacitated of doing midis, and.... I mean, BUT .. I have updates on information, check it if you want, the midis are mostly the same, just the credits, composers, arrangers, programmers, .. I added more =P all thanks again to SMSPower, I really think we'll reach the day we'll know who composed the musics for Kenseiden, Psycho Fox, and many others... +D happy holidays, everyone (a little early for that, eh?) XD

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