Johnnyz MIDIs Page - MSX

I only did this section because of Psycho World =P since Psychic World was my first soundtrack on Master System, I decided to search hard for this Hertz game, analyse all of the musics, and sequence them again =P enjoy ^^

Psycho World
Composer: Kenji Yamazaki / Yuko Yamazaki

Main Theme
Title Screen
World 1 (Prairie)
World 2 (Volcanic Area)
World 3 (Ice Field)
World 4 (Forest)
World 5 (Ruins)
Where is Cecile?
World 6 (Sewers)
World 7 (Lab)
World 8 (Fortress)
Boss 2 (Cecile's Kidnapper)
Victory, Round Complete
Dr. Knavik's Revelation
Final Boss
Game Over

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