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This is important, more than About Me section =P

Decided to start this section and move my MIDI information here =P
Since right now I feel completely divided by two personalities, let's say what they have different anyway =P you know the "Jung Personality Test"? well, while Jungon is pretty well balanced on his INTJ style, being close to ENTJ, INFJ or INTP/INFP, Johnnyz.. he is extremely INTJ, and very statistic-based, like everything has to be explained by science and big achieves come from getting alone to do midis, intuitively getting the notes, thinking deeply, and a decent judgement,.. =P

About MIDI:
Sequences: A lot of them, and I'll do much more! XD
Remixes: I'm starting to realize that I already do it... O_o but don't ask...
Compositions: There are 13, and I have many ideas...
Brazilian: well, I did the home page in English because people I know from Brazil don't like VGMusic, even most of my closest friends...
Requesting: ask me for midi by email or forum, I like it. But please specify that it is a MIDI Request in the subject...! ^^'
VGMusic Forums: if you post a Master System music request there, I am the one who will most probably answer first =P
Knowledge: I'm not a musician... all I do is listening and writing on piano roll what I heard... XD
MP3: huh? what? =P oh... you mean... those gigantic files... =P I prefer the MIDI format... sorry, MP3 freaks... =P
Why?!?: Because MIDIs are much easier to organize and I like to see the notes in a program like Cakewalk... =P (and there is the size, LOL)
Instruments: I like Keyboard and Piano... but I don't play very well... =P

It means I'm working on these midis, 98% sure.
Just have to find the music that's missing or find out it's unused.
Just would be nice to know who is the composer...
I will work on these midis sooner than others if no one requests anything.
Chances are 98% I'll accept requests for this game.
Chances are unsure about this game.
This one is for paused sequences... I can pause them due to lack of will to do or something... =P
It means I'm completely confused or cannot do it yet due to a program I don't have or something like this...
It means I'm not working on these in the future... chances 0% =P

1) Not all names on my list were requested, I have my will too =P
2) When I don't know the game you are requesting midis for, chances are I will search information on the game =P
3) Requests that don't belong to any of the consoles I do midis for will be considered =P
4) If I'm delaying, maybe I'm not finding the time to do it, just wait longer =P
5) Chances are very low on requests for compositions... like about 4% O_o
6) Never forget the difference between Sequencer and Composer... simplifying: composer is the one who compose the music; sequencer is the one who did the midi... when I compose a midi, I'm sequencing my own composition =P
7) Thanks for reading this thing ^^

Know more about Johnnyz' sequences from Top 5 (or 10) statistics:
Biggest MIDIs in archive (file size):
10: BMania1-Stage2 [57,6KB] (it didn't go down to 11th with the update) =P
9: SBomb2-Battle3 [57,9KB] (I wonder why people find it so hard to sequence SNES Bomberman music) =P
8: StR3-Downtown [58,8KB] (I need a more realistic guitar here yet..)
7: SBomb2-Battle1 [59,4KB] (... oh, that's why, SPC files need to be listened from the beginning every time) =P
6: OutRun3D-BGM1 [62,7KB] (the FM will be here in the future, maybe in the top 3)
5: StR3-Hideout [63,2KB] (other sequencers from VGMusic could sequence this and the file would be at least 150KB) =P
4: Flash-Title [66,5KB] (this midi, looked inside, shows how much of a non-converter I am, it's pretty different from the original)
3: StR3-Lab [76,5KB] (and there are more complex tracks on this game) xP
2: SBomb2-Stage5 [76,8KB] (many short notes, it will be tough to find a bigger music to beat this on size)
1: JBIOS-Demo [96,7KB] (never expected a Master System midi to be the biggest until I sequenced this!)

Biggest MIDIs in archive (length):
10: GalaxyJ-SceneA [5:37] (probably the coolest in this list ~FM version) =P
9: GalaxyF-SceneA [5:37] (probably the coolest in this list)
8: ShadowoB-BGM2 [6:13] (it's the art of ctrl C ctrl V) =P
7: OutRnJ-BGM3 [6:14] (FM music is always nice to raise standards) xP
6: OutRun-BGM3 [6:14] (longest sequence ever, considering no looping)
5: Spidervs-Plant [6:32] (I dare people to listen to this entire midi, it's something even I can't do) XD
4: ClownDownTown [6:33] (I'm surprised on how many lives I lost to hear the entire music)
3: PushOver-Level6 [6:42] (No level in the game let you hear the entire music if I'm not mistaken)
2: JBIOS-Demo [7:40] (Space Harrier have potential to raise the standards in this list)
1: OutRun3D-BGM1 [9:48] (The Magical Sound Shower with near-full loop)

Biggest soundtracks (size per midi):
10: Galaxy Force (FM) [20,37KB] (only complete soundtracks, Streets of Rage 3 have 43,07KB per midi for now)
9: After Burner (FM) [20,66KB] (and some go really greater)
8: Super Bomberman 4 [22,58KB] (counted only the 12 new tracks comparing to SBM3)
7: Hellfire [22,8KB] (favorite shooter on Mega Drive) \o/
6: Flash [24,76KB] (this game is a phenomenon with size of midis) +_+
5: Out Run (FM) [25,25KB] (FMs and PSGs can be same size) =P
4: Out Run [25,25KB] (4 long musics, what to except) =P
3: Super Bomberman 2 [28,36KB] (only game on SNES that has 8 complex sounds playing for nearly all the time of tracks)
2: Out Run 3D [31,2KB] (bigger than Out Run because of one more track)
1: Shadow of the Beast [40,9KB] (2 long musics alone can be better than 30 jingles?) =P

Biggest soundtracks (number of tracks):
10: Shining Force [30] (a game that gets to 30 music tracks has to have jingles for many situations)
9: Maou Goruberiasu [30] (don't think it's just ctrl C ctrl V with FM music, .. it mostly was with Golvellius but..) XD
8: Golvellius [30] (8 of them are boss musics)
7: Monster World 4 [32] (a game that gets to 32 music tracks has to have many different scenarios and places to go, and more jingles) xP
6: Sonic Chaos [34] (Master and Game Gear put together)
5: Sailor Moon Another Story [35] (people probably remember that I didn't want to sequence all of them) o.o
4: Shining Force 2 [36] (there is a nice variation of tracks, but not during the battles...) XD
3: Pokémon Red/Blue [50] (pokémon alone is 255 of my midis.. and there is Yellow and Crystal in the future) ^^'
2: Pokémon Gold/Silver [101] (maybe crystal could make it much bigger but.. I consider it a different game)
1: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire [104] (when it comes to big soundtracks, Pokémon really is.. the most extreme!) XD

Biggest Disappointments:
5: Odyssey˛ (it was so easy to do it, but maybe it wasn't musical enough...)
4: BManiaD-Mission1 (the heavy metal guitar is missing in my midi program...)
3: SonicChaos-Ending (lazyness prevent me from adding volume changes here)
2: Castle of Illusion and Lucky Dime Caper (I don't know why, but they don't sound good to me...)
1: StR3-Platform (I've tried to sequence this so many times in the past...)

Biggest "They said it was impossible but I did it":
5: SBomb4-Boss (extremely careful sequencing and great complexity, this top 5 IS about bragging) XD
4: Flash-Episode5 (the complexity of this midi is huge)
3: StR3-Alternate (the guitars sound.. not exactly the same, but I love the way it came out)
2: MW4-Boss3 (note that I sequenced all of this one while actually fighting the final boss)
1: SBomb3-Battle (incredibly weird sounds that actually came pretty good on my midi try)

Most Emotionless (or "Did I really sequence this?"):
5: Battletoads (I keep forgetting I made these midis, why would that happen?) +_+'
4: MW3-Welcome (I swear I had to play the entire game again to remember)
3: Golvellius-Cave3 (When it played randomly on winamp I said "..what was this again?")
2: PFox-Ending (did I really sequence this? LOL)
1: PkmRS-Credits (it sounds pretty much like I never sequenced it..)

Least Nostalgic:
5: Quartet-Round5 (they're good enough, but they were not in my childhood, that's for sure...)
4: Gyruss (when I started sequencing this one, I didn't know the music yet, and sadly, I still doesn't know it)
3: SteelEmp-Stage52 (I had Hellfire and Fire Shark in my childhood, but this one is new to me)
2: DCrystal-Stage3 (first game I did midis for and never saw the ending of the game itself)
1: LotS-Dungeon (never played on childhood, just minutes before sequencing the midis)

Most complimented from others:
5: Bobby is Going Home (LOL)
4: Phantasy Star
3: Super Bomberman
2: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
1: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

Least complimented from others (or "why don't they love me for these??"):
5: Mystic Defender (Kujakuou 2)
4: Phantasy Star 2 (I had a bad episode with these...)
3: Wonder Boy 3 (great soundtrack...)
2: Hellfire (worked really hard on these...)
1: Battle Mania (nice soundtrack, no one knows it...)

Biggest "I was afraid of doing it and not be good enough":
5: Devil Hunter Yohko (all my first 150 Mega Drive midis were done while playing the games, I had to avoid dying from enemies, from time, and from "changing screen and suddenly starting other music")
4: Super Bomberman (turns out some people hate my Super Bomberman midis, well, they're welcome to upgrade my musics in any program and show me the so much better midi) =P
3: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (GBA has a lot of channels for music...)
2: Castlevania Legends (First on GB)
1: Psycho World (really) =P

Biggest pitchbending learning:
5: Quartet - Round 1 (not the hardest pitch, but it goes more than one octave) =P
4: Shining Force 2 - Witch (the game's soundtrack is clearly unusual with its mad villain songs) XD
3: Streets of Rage 3 in general (Yuzo Koshiro is crazy with his weird sounds on SoR soundtracks) +_+
2: Double Dragon - Boss (that has a lot of room for improvement yet, I think)
1: Streets of Rage 2 - SOR Super Mix (actually I've learned a new way of curving that probably the fewest sequencers can equal) =P

List of games inspired by movies:
Alienł (Master/GG)
Aladdin (Mega)
Batman (Mega)
Batman Returns (Master/GG)
Beauty and the Beast (Inty)
E.T. - The Extraterrestrial (Atari)
Fantasia (Mega)
Flash (Master) ?
Gremlins (Atari)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Master/GG)
Jurassic Park (Master/GG)
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Master)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Atari)
Rambo: First Blood Part 2 (Master)
Rocky (Master)
Spider-Man (Atari) ?
Stargate (Mega)
Star Trek (Atari)
Star Wars (Master/GG)
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Atari)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Atari/Inty)
Superman (Atari)

List of games inspired by anime:
Alex Kidd: High Tech World [Anmitsu Hime] (Master)
Art of Fighting (Mega)
Devil Hunter Yohko (Mega)
Fatal Fury (Mega)
High School Kimengumi (Master)
Hokuto no Ken [Fist of the North Star] (Master)
Mystic Defender [Kujakuou 2] (Mega)
Pokémon Gold/Silver (GBC)
Pokémon Red/Blue (GB)
Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire (GBA)
Sailor Moon Another Story (SNES)
SpellCaster [Kujakuou] (Master/MarkIII)
Sukeban Deka II (Master)
Zillion (Master)
Zillion II: The Tri Formation (Master/MarkIII)

List of games inspired by cartoons:
Asterix (Master)
Castle of Illusion (Master/GG)
Deep Duck Trouble (Master/GG)
Earthworm Jim (Mega)
He-Man and the Masters of Universe (Inty)
Land of Illusion (Master/GG)
Lucky Dime Caper (Master/GG)
Mickey Mania (Mega)
Popeye (Atari/Inty)
Road Runner (Atari)
Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (Atari)
Snoopy and the Red Baron (Atari)
Sorcerer's Apprentice (Atari)
Spider-Man vs The Kingpin (Master)
Strawberry Shortcake (Atari)
Tiny Toons: Buster's Hidden Treasure (Mega)

List of big series of games I touched with midis:
Aleste / Power Strike [30, 214KB]
Alex Kidd [70, 417KB] [100% of AK on Master]
Bomberman [81, 1,39MB]
Castlevania [7, 66,3KB]
Columns [42, 261KB] [100% of Col on Master/GG]
Disney Games / Mickey Mouse [84, 457KB]
Donkey Kong [12, 7,68KB] [100% of DK on Atari/Inty]
Double Dragon [20, 218KB] [100% of DD on Master]
Epyx Games [38, 220KB]
Fantasy Zone / Opa Opa [70, 554KB] [100% of FZ on Master]
Fire Emblem [8, 75,3KB]
Ghouls 'n Ghosts [20, 105KB] [100% of GnG on Master]
Golvellius [60, 411KB] [100% of Golv on Master]
Lemmings [21, 204KB] [100% of Lem on Master/GG]
Mario Bros [2, 8,10KB]
Out Run [13, 359KB]
Pac-Man [9, 8,14KB] [100% of Pac on Atari/Inty]
Phantasy Star [60, 485KB] [100% of PS on Master]
Pokémon [255, 2,27MB]
R-Type [34, 202KB] [100% of RT on Master]
Shining Force [66, 656KB]
Shinobi [46, 328KB] [100% of Sh on Master]
Sonic the Hedgehog [84, 754KB]
Street Fighter [6, 102KB]
Streets of Rage [46, 1,03MB] [100% of SoR on Master/GG]
Wonderboy / Monster World [163, 1,14MB] [100% of WB/MW on Master/Mega]
Ys [40, 335KB] [100% of Ys on Master]

Other Bigger Acheivements:
-One midi for each letter
-100% music of games I had/have on Mark III
-2600+ midis sequenced
-20MB+ midis sequenced
-42+ hours of midis sequenced

Old labels

More statistics here

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