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My GBA section is back, but I'm not into doing midis to add here at the moment... and maybe for a long time. Not that I stopped liking Pokémon, I just feel like Pokémon games already have a lot of midis, other sequencers already covered the newer games anyway... =P
(musics marked with * are tracks from another game)

Pokémon Ruby\Sapphire
Composer: Go Ichinose \ Morikazu Aoki \ Jun'ichi Masuda

Intro (part 1)
Intro (part 2)
Title Screen
Littleroot Town
Oldale Town
Petalburg City
Rustboro City
Dewford Town
Slateport City
Verdanturf Town
Fallarbor Town
Fortree City
Lilycove City
Sootopolis City
Ever Grande City
Route 101, 102, 103
Route 104, 115, 116
Route 110, 111, 112
Route 111, Desert
Route 113
Route 118, 119
Route 120, 121
Route 123, Intro
Bike\Berry Blender
Prof. Birch's Pokémon Lab
Oceanic Museum
Pokémon Contest Entrance
Pokémon Contest
Pokémon Contest Results
Trick House
Game Corner
Game Corner Victory
Cable Car
Safari Zone
Lilycove Museum
Battle Tower
Cave, Forests
Meteor Falls
Mt. Chimney
Abandoned Ship
Mt. Pyre
Team Magma\Aqua Hideout
Shoal Cave
Sealed Chamber
Groudon\Kyogre Attacking
Victory Road
TV Tune
Help Me
Show Me Around
Rival Encounter
Team Magma Encounter
Team Aqua Encounter
Male Trainer Encounter
Female Trainer Encounter
Gentleman Encounter
Pokéfan Encounter
Kid Trainer Encounter
Fighting Trainer Encounter
Hiker Encounter
Pokémaniac Encounter
Swimmer Encounter
Cooltrainer Encounter
Elite Four Encounter
Champion Encounter
Wild Pokémon Battle
Rival Battle
Trainer Battle
Team Magma\Aqua Battle
Gym Leader Battle
Magma\Aqua Leader Battle
Regi Battle
Groudon\Kyogre Battle
Elite Four Battle
Champion Battle
Wild Pokémon Caught
Wild Pokémon Caught (longer)
Wild Pokémon Fainted
Trainer Defeated
Team Magma\Aqua Defeated
Gym Leader Defeated
Pokémon Contest Victory
Elite Four Defeated
Level Up
Pokémon Healed
Item Acquired
HM\TM Acquired
Berry Acquired
Badge Acquired
Pay No Attention
Rival Theme
Hall of Fame
The End

Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green
Composer: Go Ichinose / Morikazu Aoki / Jun'ichi Masuda?

Title Screen
Pallet Town
Viridian City
Cerulean City
Vermilion City
Lavender Town
Celadon City
Cinnabar Island
Indigo Plateau
Route 1
Route 10
Route 24
Route 12
Riding the Bike
Oak's Lab
Gym *
Game Corner
Team Rocket's Hideout
Silph Co.
Viridian Forest
Mt. Moon
Pokémon Tower
Cinnabar Mansion
Oak's Theme
Show Me Around
Rival Theme (Gary)
Male Trainer Encounter
Female Trainer Encounter
Evil Trainer Encounter
Wild Pokémon Battle
Trainer Battle
Gym Leader Battle
Champion Battle
Wild Pokémon Fainted *
Trainer Defeated *
Gym Leader Defeated *
Wild Pokémon Caught
Level Up *
Pokémon Healed *
Item Found *
Badge Acquired *
Secret Item Found
Item Received
Oak's Pokedex Evaluation
Evolving *
Hall of Fame

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